2015’s Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

The Extravagance of Staircases
12th February 2015

2015’s Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

We’ve put together a list of the hottest new trends in kitchen interiors.
Granite Counter Tops

Naturally this remains one of the most versatile kitchen decor trends in recent history. If you don’t have one yet, then we’d suggest you get it as soon as possible- it is the home decor gift that keeps on giving, especially one day when you look to sell your home.

Wooden Tables and Wooden Chairs

In the past wood often resembled those sad, prehistoric kitchen cabinets of our lovely grannies, but this year there’s a huge wood comeback in the works. Cabinets, shelves, and even some appliances- introduce different shades of wood to your kitchen, but keep it classy and don’t overdo it.


Being as democratic as possible, we’d like to give you an alternative to the woody craze: modern, minimal fixtures. Having a modern kitchen with a couple of touches of wood (think gorgeous and sturdy wooden table and chairs) will never fade.

50 Shades of Sink

Think differently with this one- maybe marble is your colour, or black, or good old faithful tones like stainless steel. The key is to introduce a splash of colour where you’d never expect it- think dark granite counter tops with a light metal sink, contrast.


Declutter! Make sure your kitchen is fully functional and has overall appeal- you don’t want to be stuck with a cluttered wood shed with four sinks. Think smart and ‘feel’ your kitchen.