2016’s Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas

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9th September 2016
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21st November 2016

2016’s Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas

The kitchen often acts as the heart of a home and redesigning your kitchen means thinking carefully about what you want out of your kitchen countertops. The best place to start is seeking out inspiration, this is the reason Top Rock has compiled a list of creative kitchen countertop ideas.

The marble kitchen countertop

The use of marble for kitchen countertops is not a new development, but remains a favourite amongst homeowners around the world due the air of elegance and sophistication that it adds to the space. It is a timeless classic and will continue to be a popular choice for kitchen countertops well into the future.

The concrete kitchen countertop 

Concrete is being used more and more for kitchen countertops as 2016 progresses. Such counters can be built to custom specifications or bought as precasts and although they provide a wonderfully modern look they have been known to crack under the right conditions. However, properly cared for concrete kitchen countertops can last for a great many years.

The laminate kitchen countertop 

The use of laminate for kitchen countertop s is yet another popular trend that has emerged in the recent past. By making use of “upscale laminate” you can achieve the look of a material such as marble but at a fraction of the cost.

The quartz kitchen countertop

A relatively new trend that has gained traction in 2016 is that of quartz kitchen countertops, this “engineered stone” offers durability and has proven to be highly resilient. Furthermore, many homeowners have opted for the granite kitchen countertop due to its attractive and natural looking appearance and reasonable pricing.

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