Choosing The Best Marble and Granite for Your New Kitchen

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15th July 2016
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17th October 2016

Choosing The Best Marble and Granite for Your New Kitchen

The choice between marble and granite isn’t always an easy one. It depends on large part on the aesthetic effects you want to achieve in your home, and how much use and abuse the stone is to be subjected to. Even though both are natural stones which are quarried from the earth, they are still different to each other.

The great differences between the two stones perhaps lie in their softness, porosity and durability. However, you can still enjoy either type of stone in your new kitchen, it all depends on your own style and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at each.


A versatile stone that offers luxurious elegance. Marble’s beauty will outlast for generations, and is versatile enough to use in bathrooms, kitchens and as flooring. It is also especially beautiful when used in baths. However, you can apply it to almost any surface, including shower walls, vanities and kitchen countertops.


Granite is born from molten magma, and is far more durable and functional than marble. Its crystalline structure is also more resistant to staining, abrasions and discoloration than you would find with marble. It is also stronger and denser than all other natural stones, and offers an excellent choice for high traffic areas where style and class is desired.

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