Finding the Perfect Fit for Kitchen Countertop’s Edges

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9th May 2016
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15th July 2016

Finding the Perfect Fit for Kitchen Countertop’s Edges

If your walls were straight and true, then installing a countertop would be a little easier. However, many properties’ walls are likely to be slight off. In order to ensure a perfect fit for your new countertop, you need to check your walls for square and then scribe the contours of the walls onto the countertop laminate. This ensures that the countertop’s edges fits perfectly in the allotted space.

In order to shape the edges of the countertop, it is necessary to transfer the contour of the wall on the countertop’s edge surface. Set the countertop in place where you want to install it, and set the compass to fit the tip of the widest gap between the countertop and the wall. Now move the compass along the wall to draw a pencil line one the countertop’s surface that also matches the wall’s contour.

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