Frequently Asked Questions About Marble and Granite

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13th June 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions About Marble and Granite

Beautiful and quality marble and granite remain popular types of stones for countertops used in many different areas of the home or office. Although both stones are quarried from the earth, there are differences between the two types of stones.

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding marble and granite stone, and what you need to know about it.

Do I Have to Purchase a Whole Slab of Stone?
Buying slabs of marble and granite is like purchasing fabric. Like a tailor, your counter top manufacturer buys the raw materials and sells the completed installation to you. How much material is needed is determined by your home’s layout.

Why are Some Stones More Expensive Than Others?
There are various factors that influence this – availability, rarity of the colour and locations of the quarries in the world, all of this impacts the price of natural stone. Keep in mind, however, higher price doesn’t necessary equate to higher quality.

What Is “Honed” Stone?
Granite and marble that is honed has a satin or matte finish, rather than a high reflective polish. A feature of honed marble is that it does not show etching as easily, or wear patterns.

Expert Marble and Granite Advice from Top Rock
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