Granite or Marble – Kitchen Perfection

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8th May 2015
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8th July 2015

Granite or Marble – Kitchen Perfection

You may be considering using a stone finish in the remodelling of your kitchen.  Stone creates a remarkable natural aesthetic finish and gives a kitchen a lovely natural air.  However, when choosing surfaces for a kitchen installation with a mottled design or finish, one should be absolutely sure what one is in for.  Durability on high traffic areas is also a concern.

Considerations to Take Into Account

You need to make absolutely sure that the stone type you choose will create the matching effect you envisage or are looking for.  It is helpful to take colour/pattern swatches of the materials you want to match or contrast to Top Granite who will be able to let you compare your samples to actual stone.  Photos of the material you’re matching to simply won’t do. Granite and marble come in a range of colours and patterns so flexibility is quite possible.

Then you need to decide how the edges will be finished off.  If you have smaller children, you would want to avoid sharp edges or corner installations.  Also, if your kitchen has a geometric design theme, that is all well and good, but softer, curved design features will require a different stone manufacturing approach.

Next you need to identify what your high traffic areas are and those which are at risk of spillage.  Top Granite, again, can provide guidance as to how exactly to approach these areas. Importantly, ask Top Granite what the maintenance requirements are, including a list of chemicals and objects that do not work well with stone.