Here’s What’s Behind the Appeal of Granite and Marble Countertops

Get the Most Out of Your Beautiful Marble and Granite Countertops
18th July 2018
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19th September 2018

Here’s What’s Behind the Appeal of Granite and Marble Countertops

Enjoy the Great Advantages that Granite and Marble Countertops Have to Offer

Many South African homeowners prefer the look and feel of natural stone when selecting countertops for their bathrooms or kitchens. Granite and marble countertops in particular provide a near endless array of unique patterns and colours to choose from, and almost equally as many benefits and advantages. You will never go wrong by opting for a beautiful natural stone countertop, whether in your bathroom or kitchen, and can look forward to decades of solid performance from it.

Granite remains one of the most popular countertop materials in South Africa today, and for many good reasons. It’s a perfect choice for both modern and traditional homes. Marble, on the other hand, is always a great classic choice, synonymous with opulence and the perfect choice for higher-end homes. You will always be spoilt for choice when deciding which type of stone surface to choose for your home. As with most other materials, the aesthetic differences between marble and granite boil down to a matter of taste.

Some have a penchant for the natural look of granite, while others prefer the understated elegance and veining of marble. Whichever you prefer, you can always look forward to enjoying excellent returns on your granite and marble countertop. Enjoy the durable and enduring appeal and advantages of working with these countertops, and add equity to your home merely by installing it. With easy upkeep and maintenance, you can spend more time enjoying your countertops and home, rather than spending maintaining it.

Choose Beautiful Granite and Marble Countertops from Top Rock

At Top Rock, we wield our expert craftsmanship to manufacture and install beautifully designed custom granite and marble kitchen and bathroom countertops. We take great pride in our ability to accurately interpret and translate our clients’ artistic visions into tailored, practical design solutions. Tap into our expertise, and let it work for you. We are proud of our long history of celebrated service, and continue working hard to add tangible value to our clients’ lives.

There is never any reason to accept anything other than the very best when dealing with us. Our team is also ready to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to our vast buying power, we are able to keep our rates competitive, and in so doing ensure you always get to enjoy the very best value for money.

We’ve never employed a one size fits all approach, and certainly won’t start now. Contact us to learn more about us, what we do, and how we can be of benefit to you. We look forward to providing you with all the information needed to make an informed purchase decision.