Marble and Granite Countertops – So Many Options

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27th September 2017
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Marble and Granite Countertops – So Many Options

The Difference Between Marble and Granite Countertops

As any interior decorator would be able to tell you, marble and granite countertops share more similarities than differences. Specifically, both options are stunning natural stone materials, and both necessitate continued care and upkeep. With some tender loving care, both your marble and granite countertops keep retain their incredible aesthetic appeal for decades to come, helping to elevate the beauty of your bathroom, kitchen or bar.

Marble and granite are natural stone materials. They’re both porous by nature, which only further adds to their appeal. Granite is an igneous rock that is composed of grains of compressed feldspar and quartz, and other similar materials. This makes granite a slightly harder material than marble, however, both offer incredible durability and longevity.

Both types of stones offer beautiful options for use in countertops. Granite in particular shows its beautiful grains that appear as specks in various colours. This means a granite slab may contain numerous hues, ranging from blue to green, pink, red and orange, which typically range from medium to darker shades. However, beauty remains subjective, and many people have strong preferences regarding both types, either way.

Choose Beautiful Marble and Granite Countertops from Top Rock

For many years, we’ve been at the forefront of providing South Africans with the best quality marble and granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. However, we also supply stone for staircases, fireplaces and bar tops, among other applications. Our expert craftsmen bring combined industry experience of nearly four decades to every project we undertake.

We also manufacture and install our custom kitchen and bathroom countertops, providing our clients with the potential to completely transform their spaces into living experiences. Throughout the years, we’ve learned to interpret and translate our clients’ artistic visions into customised and practical interior design solutions.

Let us do the same for you. Our team only uses the finest materials to manufacture our products, including granite and marble, along with many other highly sought after engineered stones. Contact us today to learn more about what we do, and how we can help bring your vision for beautiful countertops to life right now.