Marble and Granite Installation Fails and How To Fix Them

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11th April 2016
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Marble and Granite Installation Fails and How To Fix Them

Countertops are manufactured with durability in mind. However, even the strongest of marble and granite countertops can encounter problems now and then. In order to get the best returns for your countertop investment, you need to make sure it is properly installed and regularly maintained. However, even then, issues can still arise.

Any homeowner relies on the kitchen countertop for so much, including the overall appearance of the kitchen itself. Let’s take a look at some marble and granite countertop fails, and how to fix them.

The Dreaded Ruptured Countertop Surface
A ruptured counter top can look bad, but it normally only impacts a small area of the countertop. A lot of people fear that they need to replace the entire counter so as to fix the damage, but in many instances, the isolated damage can be fixed separately from the entire slab.

Ruptures can occur for a number of reasons, including:

•Poorly crafted joints;
•Countertops that are installed over uneven surfaces; and
•Counters carrying too much weight in a specific area.

Crack on Edge of Fixture
Appliances reliant on countertops to hold them up, require additional support to remain stabilised. If the counter top isn’t installed with sufficient reinforcement, the weight of heavy appliances can eventually break down the materials.

This can be fixed by adding specially placed vents in order to prevent cabinets, counters and other kitchen features from cracking from heat damage. Contact Top Rock for advice on keeping your marble and granite countertops in the best possible condition.