Why Marble and Granite Make the Best Surfaces

Most Popular Stone, Used for Kitchen Countertops
25th January 2017
What Is Behind The Popularity of Granite Kitchen Countertops?
21st August 2017

Why Marble and Granite Make the Best Surfaces

There are so many reasons why people choose marble and granite surfaces. These countertops are famous for its durability and aesthetic appeal, and one certainly doesn’t need to look far and wide as to why they remain so popular. As any homeowner knows, one of the most highly prized materials for kitchen countertops is marble stone.

Although the main reason for the popularity of marble countertops is the beautiful appearance of the stone, it offers many other great properties that contribute to its appeal and popularity. While marble and granite countertops don’t come cheap, it is a worthwhile and long lasting investment. When cared for properly, these countertops could easily last more than a century in the same condition in which it was first fabricated. That’s a long time!

Different Types of Marble and Granite Countertops

 Marble countertops specifically are found in a wide variety of different colours and hues. The stone’s colour is determined by the area from which the marble is mined, and the finishing process brings about the natural colours and glow of the stone.

As marble is a natural stone that has to be mined, each slab used to crate the countertop is unique, and it might be difficult to find matching marble pieces in future. This is why it’s important to get everything you need at once to take care of your countertop needs, so that you don’t end up with a problem in future.

Choose Top Rock for Beautiful Marble and Granite Surfaces

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