Most Popular Stone, Used for Kitchen Countertops

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9th December 2016
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Most Popular Stone, Used for Kitchen Countertops

Stone kitchen countertops have soared in popularity over the last couple of years. We receive more requests for these types of kitchen countertops than ever before and thought we’d share some of the best types of stones that are used.


Granite has long had a reputation for being extremely strong and durable. This has made it a very popular choice for kitchen countertops in high-end homes all over the world. In fact, granite in its various colours and styles, have become so popular that it has lost some of its exclusivity.

This loss in appeal has discouraged modern home owners from using this material.


Another age-old favourite, marble has also been used for kitchen countertops for many decades. While marble certainly adds loads of class to a kitchen, it does have some pitfalls.

The biggest concern with marble is the fact that the stone is rather porous – this makes it susceptible to absorbing certain liquids that ends up staining your countertops. This aging process is often referred to as ‘etching’.

Marble is also one of the most expensive materials to use on your kitchen countertops – so think carefully before using it.


Slate is very versatile and durable. Slate won’t easily display any markings or show burn marks from hot pots and pans.

Slate is also not porous like marble is, which means you can spill almost any liquid onto the surface without fear of discolouring over time.

Slate gives you less choice in colour than the previously mentioned stone, but the shades of black and grey can add a very classy touch to your kitchen.

If you’re looking for kitchen countertops that are durable, pleasing to the eye and great value for money, then stone is definitely your material of choice.

If you need more information about the various stone options available for your home, contact us and our friendly team will assist with all your needs.