The strong and the beautiful: the latest in granite colours

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2nd December 2015
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8th February 2016

The strong and the beautiful: the latest in granite colours

What is the first image that you think of when you think of granite? Perhaps a sparkly salt and pepper counter top that you have seen in most homes and some offices? There is more to granite than just that. With the variety of colours and shapes why would you want to stick to the ordinary salt and pepper? At Top rock we stock a variety of granites that can be catered to your desire. Be it the kitchen, workspace or bathroom vanities which you would like to stock up with our top range granite we are one call away.

If you are looking for something different that will brighten up your space or make it appear bigger we have the granite for you. With its excellent low maintenance properties and sleek look it is perfect for upgrading your home. For Bathroom vanities is a bit more daring with various colours. It is very hard to find solid colours of white or black, but with the range of granite that we have we can assist you in making your space what you desire it to be.

Start the year with fresh colours. The ever classic white granite might be seen as plain and a lack of personal detail for some, but this is perfect for lightning rooms such as your bathroom. White reflects light beautifully and can also create a sense of a wider space. The appeal of granite being low maintenance and having that sleek marble finish will make bathroom spaces less of a hassle to clean.

Black and gold granite can also add a dramatic yet warm look. If you still want something different but not too out there, then cool grey and gold detailed granite can add a modern finish to any space. It not only colours that can be taken into consideration when buying granite, but also the wide array of edge details that can further enhance the granite countertop. Allow you taste and personality to show through with the top range of granite from Top rock.