Top Trends in Bathroom Surrounds

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Top Trends in Bathroom Surrounds

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Bathroom surrounds are ever-changing and with every passing year, people are preferring certain options over others – here are some of the most popular bathroom surrounds that are trendy at the moment.

Bath Steps

Instead of having a flat wall-like surface surrounding your bath, a popular option is building two or three steps around it. This is not only very practical, making it easier to enter and exit the bath, but it also looks great, making a real showpiece out of your bath.

A great way to finish this look, is to finish the steps off with marble or granite tiling, giving your bathroom a sense of elegance.

Darker Bathroom Tiles

For many years, white bathroom surrounds was the preferred option for most people, adding a clean, clinical look to your bathroom. Lately, the trends have changed and people are opting for darker, even black, granite and marble tiles to finish their bathroom, giving it a modern and classy feel.

 Living Walls

A bit more way-out, but adding a wall filled with plant-life is becoming a popular option as home owners get the need to feel closer to nature.

There are self-watering systems for these wall-mounted planters that makes it a very convenient way to spice up your bathroom.

This unique option is guaranteed to leave you impressed, every time you walk into your bathroom.