Why You Should Add Marble and Granite Countertop to Your Kitchen

Choose a Beautiful Colour for Your Granite and Marble Countertops
7th January 2019
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14th March 2019

Why You Should Add Marble and Granite Countertop to Your Kitchen

4 Reasons for Adding Marble and Granite Countertops to Your Modern Home

In terms of countertops, marble and granite have been at the top of the game for many decades. Its timeless appeal continues to charm homeowners from all walks of life who are in search of beautiful and quality countertops for their kitchens and bathrooms.

Even though marble and granite remain a firm favourite among homeowners, new styles and colours continue to drive trends in the industry. If you’re considering adding a new countertop to your home, we have a few reasons why you should consider marble and granite.

#1 Marble and Granite Offers Unmatched Durability

Marble and granite countertops are known for its incredible strength. It is strong and easy to clean and won’t deteriorate over time when maintained properly. Put simply, it means you can look forward to decades of reliable performance from your new countertop.

#2 Marble and Granite Offer Consistent Performance

Even though marble and granite vary with regards to colour and the size of the inclusions because they’re natural stones, you can have a countertop that is seamless and made from one slab of stone. Choose a countertop from the same slab that will deliver a consistent colour, look and feel, and look forward to a beautiful countertop.

#3 Great Marble and Granite Variety

Granite and marble countertops are available in a vast range of colours and styles. Some styles are perfectly suited for traditional homes while other colours will be at home in high-end, modern city apartments. It all depends on your personal style and taste, but there is definitely a marble or granite countertop for you.

#4 Marble and Granite Countertops Are the Green Option

Because you’re dealing with natural stone, there’s no harmful by products or wastage associated with the manufacturing process. Buy an environmentally-friendly countertop for your home that will stand you in reliable stead for many years to come.

Work with Top Rock for Beautiful Granite and Marble Countertops

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